The Benefits of Going Offline when Traveling

Benefits of Going Offline when Traveling

The Benefits of Going Offline when Traveling

To have a true vacation, you need to completely escape. Yet that’s getting harder and harder to do when you’re virtually tethered to your online life. It’s difficult to recharge your own batteries when you’re constantly charging your tablet or smartphone.

When your mind relaxes without interruptions, it’s easier to focus on whatever is right in front of you, allowing you to experience it in a richer, more satisfying way. A vacation—whether it’s a relaxing retreat to the Caribbean or an engaging journey through China—is filled with moments that deserve your full attention, so we suggest you do the following to get off the internet and on with making memories.

Make it Clear – Tell all your friends and co-workers that you will not, under any circumstances, be checking email. You can be reached for emergencies, but you cannot be reached to review the final draft or decide where to take mom out for dinner on her birthday.

Eliminate the Temptation – Out of sight is out of mind, so hide your phone or put it in the hotel safe. It will feel strange to walk around without that electronic brick in your pocket or purse, but your body will readjust quickly.

Back to Basics – You can still read fascinating stories and discover new information without being online. All you need are books. Bring several, because when Facebook and Pinterest aren’t hijacking your attention, you suddenly have the time and mental energy to read quickly.

Accept Not Knowing – Don’t Google anything. There will be times when you want to know something—like the name of that actor from that movie who is a dead ringer for your waiter—but on this vacation, you need to adopt an Zen-like appreciation for not getting the answer.

Once you’ve made the decision to digitally disconnect, connect with us. We know plenty of places around the globe that will make it easy for you to leave the internet far, far behind.

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