Come Explore Europe!

The many splendours of Europe await you! Whether you want to explore Europe on your own or in a group, sightsee by yourself or on a guided tour, we have the perfect travel experience for you.

Colours and Flavours of Italy

Italy is one of the most breath-taking countries in Europe known for its beautiful geography, natural and cultural heritage, and it’s gastronomy. Savour the aromas of oregano, garlic and parmesan, journeying from the frenetic avenues of Rome to romantic Venice. Sip a chilled Chianti and sample the buttery flavours of olive oil against the lush golden, green backdrop of Tuscany. By night, sip a glass of wine in a local bar and ask for their pasta a la bolognese, a local favourite! Go on a walk in the local street markets to enjoy the scent of the fresh basilic, the tomatoes, the fresh fish of the day, and appreciate the pleasures of Italy. Escape for a romantic getaway in Venice, this gorgeous city separated by its famous canals.
If you love history, architecture, museums, great food, shopping, historical monuments, and great gelato, then come discover the cities of Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Milan and appreciate the Italian flavor of these beautiful cities. 

Europe with the Family

The many splendours of Europe await you and your family. Europe is full of vibrant sights, scenery, and attractions that will engage kids of all ages. Take a trip to Paris, it isn’t just for the romantics, kids will love the croissants and crepes shops on every corner, and exploring the city by metro. Visit the Musee Cluny and go for a treasure hunt among the tapestries or for more adventure, climb the 1,600 stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower. 
No matter where your imagination takes you, we will help you save on sightseeing by booking your tickets in advance and allowing you to skip the lines so you have more time exploring and less time waiting. We can help you book traditional rooms in hotels, or if your not wanting to leave the comforts of home we can assist in apartment style rentals. Restaurants recommendations? No problem, we will help you find all the best local eateries so you have the most authentic experience while in Europe. With over 25 years of experience and many trips to Europe we know all the best places for you and your family to create unforgettable memories.  

Hidden Treasures

There are some tourist attractions that can’t be missed, Vatican City in Italy, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and West Minster Abby in London, but there are plenty of hidden places that are often only know by locals. Everyone wants to find a hidden treasure, and with our help, we can find it for you.  
  • Dive into the clear blue water of the Hinatuan River on the Philippine island of Mindanao. The saltwater river is nicknamed the “Enchanted River” because it appears to run from the middle of nowhere, and is ideal for snorkelers and divers.


  • Explore the mysterious “crooked forest” of Western Poland, with 400 pine trees all growing with a 90-degree bend at the base. The reason behind the curved trees remains unknown to this day. 


  • Soak your feet in the hot springs of Rotorua, a New Zealand city known for its geysers, thermal springs, and bubbling mud pools. It’s nicknamed the “Sulphur City”. 


  • View the world’s largest deepwater coral reef in the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago off the coast of Norway within the Arctic circle. It’s home to wildlife like otters, moose, puffins, and more.


  • Participate in a festival with the Kalash, an indigenous people who live in Pakistan’s Rumbur Valley. They live without electricity, phones, and newspapers, and are known for throwing harvest celebrations that draw foreign and domestic tourists alike.


  • See the sea life in Rangiroa, a ring-shaped atoll in French Polynesia that is known for oysters that produce black pearls. It also has some of the world’s best scuba diving, and tourists can see dolphins, manta rays, green sea turtles, and hammerhead sharks.


  • Head under a Roman church to the Capuchin Crypt, the creepiest attraction in all of Italy. Located beneath a 400-year-old church, it contains the skeletal remains of 3,700 bodies with bones nailed into the walls in intricate patterns.


  • Visit Salina Turda, a salt mine in Transylvania, Romania that has been a popular tourist attraction since the ’90s. Dating back to the 17th century, the mine now even has a carousel ride and amphitheater deep in the cavern.
No matter what your interests, we have a hidden gem for everyone!

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