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A journey of a thousand miles starts with one call, one email, one step into our office. If you’re ever in Winnipeg and in the Polo Park Shopping area, pop by and say hello. We are always available for you.

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Owner | President


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 The next best thing to going on a trip myself is to help you plan yours!


My job as your travel agent is to get you where you want to go using the best route possible. And that’s what I do every day for clients near and far, from my agency Out ‘n About Travel, located in the very heart of Canada’s great prairies.


 After 10 years learning the industry, I opened my own agency in 1994 because I wanted to grow my own business and serve clients my own way: with intelligence, sensitivity, and industry expertise. As a member of the gay community, I knew the value of smart and sensitive service for individuals more often ignored than catered to. Over time, Out ‘n About Travel has evolved into a boutique agency whose clients span the corporate and individual market, and includes a commitment to meeting the needs of the LGBTQ community.


My team and I work with you to understand your travel needs and trip objectives. We prepare detailed and organized itineraries, using our training, experience and commitment to exceed your expectations. My life partner is also my business partner, which means that – for the sake of the agency – we must take trips together in order to experience new destinations and travel options. (Yes, it’s a tough gig, but someone has to do it!) We love Europe for its history, architecture and culture (oh, and the food), but are just as thrilled to travel through the United States to play golf at the famous Dinah Shore event or hike through Joshua Tree Park in beautiful California. No matter where your destination is, or whether you’re planning a solo journey or a group trip, you will benefit from our own love of travel.


Our goal is to help you get every possible enjoyment from your trip. We know how to listen and then translate your dreams into a vacation filled with meaningful memories and enjoyable experiences. For business travelers, we can book you lean-and-mean or offer suggestions for interesting side trips or cultural options as your schedule permits.


With Out’n About Travel as your agency, you are never alone: We are your travel safety net, accessible online or by phone to help keep you safe and on track. Travel solo, not alone.


This wonderful world of ours is just waiting to be explored. Every journey begins with the first step. Take yours into our office – in person, by phone or online. We are here to help you get to where you want (or need) to go.


Marketing | Finance

LynneHow Long You’ve worked at OutnAbout:
I have worked in various capacities within the travel technology world for over 40 years in Winnipeg, Montreal, and Toronto. In 2005 I started to work with Linda managing the Marketing and all Back Office activities.


Where have you lived:
I have lived in a few different places across Canada such as Winnipeg, Cap Chat in the Gaspésie area, Wentworth Nova Scotia, Lethbridge Alberta, Montreal and Toronto.


Do you have a pet:
Once my daughters got a little older I added dogs to the family. Our first was Cezanne – a beautiful standard poodle. Linda and I had three wonderful dogs. Sadly they are no longer with us. We had, Bailey the Bishon-Shitzu, Bishop the Golden Doodle and Baxter the Dachshund. We do love the freedom of not having a pet while we continue to travel, but one day will have another puppy or foster come live with us.


Why did you choose to work in the travel industry?
Back in the day, I was a participant of the Katimavik program in 1978/79. While in the program I was fortunate to travel across Canada and it gave me the desire to experience the world. Working in the travel industry has been incredibly rewarding. There is nothing better than helping others create lifelong memories and experiences – travel does that for others.


Favourite Trip you have taken:
Bali Indonesia has been my most exciting to date – white sand beaches on one side and black sand beaches on the other side of the island – volcanoes, rice fields and rain forests – monkey forests and snorkeling – temples and markets – incredible savory flavours – fresh exotic fruit. I also love river cruising in Europe, France, Germany! Love love love it!


Favourite Trip to Plan:
I love to inspire. As a support team member I don’t plan travel for others, but for myself I love planning river cruises and guided tours in Europe.


Bucket list Vacation:
Myanmar River Cruise, an African glamping adventure, Bora Bora in an over water luxury cottage, small ship expedition in Patagonia, culinary travels in Italy and Morocco, glass igloos to see the Northern lights in Finland.


Chocolate or Vanilla:
Vanilla (don’t tell anyone, but I am not a fan of chocolate LOL).


Independent Travel Consultant

Destination Weddings / Group and Corporate Travel


How Long You’ve worked with OutnAbout:
I started in 2010.


Where have you lived:


Do you have a pet:
Yes 2 dogs, a Boston Terrier/Pug named Lexus and a French Bulldog named Cali.


Why did you choose to work in the travel industry:
I chose the travel industry because it combines my two favorite things, sales and travel. I fell in love with sales because I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things from people that I’ve met. And the same goes for travel, I love learning about new destinations and spending time with customers helping them make the right decision about a product and destination.


Favourite Trip you have taken:
My favorite trip was for my wedding. I planned my own destination wedding in Mexico in 2015 with 56 of my friends and family and it was the most amazing trip. I loved spending time with all the people closest to me while celebrating my wedding.


Favourite Trip to Plan:
My favorite trips to plan are other clients’ destination weddings. I have been through the process and know all the tips and tricks of planning a destination wedding. My knowledge is first hand experience and I love sharing my ideas and expertise with others.


Most memorable holiday you have planned for clients and why:
The most memorable trip I have planned for a client was actually for a very close friend of mine who had moved so South Africa for three months to volunteer. She then spent a month travelling afterwards. It was memorable because I got to plan some of the most interesting destinations and activities for her such as the seeing the pyramids in Egypt, shopping in Dubai, visiting the Victoria falls in Zambia, and hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town.


Bucket list Vacation:
My bucket list vacation would be a River Cruise down the Mekong or Irrawaddy River. I have always wanted to see the temples and exotic sights, and can’t get enough of the food. Asia offers a rich and vibrant experience for anyone and there is no better way to experience Asia than in the comfort of a luxurious river ship.


Chocolate or Vanilla:
Vanilla 🙂


Our Office

We opened our doors in 1994, and have since grown into a strong, viable company. Specializing in both corporate and vacation travel. Our goal has always been to specialize in getting our travellers from point A to B with minimal hassles and maximum cost savings. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with quality travel management. Whether your travel horizon is across the country, beyond the continent or around the world, our team at Out’n About Travel are your best source of information and bookings.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with one call, one email, one step into our office. If you’re ever in Winnipeg and in the Polo Park Shopping area, pop by and say hello. We are always available for you.

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Memberships and Affiliations

In addition to being the Owner and Queen of Travel, Linda also sits on the International Advisory Board and is a member of the Canadian Advisory Council for our consortium Vacation.com/Travel Leaders.