Travel Update

Travel Update


There is a lot of uncertainty circling around today’s travel world. New questions — such as which flights have the most space and which resorts have the safest cleaning protocols — must be answered before you make final arrangements on your next vacation.

As travel professionals, it is our job to be up to date on all current safety information. We receive emails, notifications and phone calls from our air, hotel, tour and cruise partners every day, which we study in-depth to pass along the information you are looking for. As you enjoy this week’s travel inspiration, please know that we are here to address all your safety concerns and match you with the vacation experience you are most comfortable with.

Speaking of your future vacations, destinations are opening up all over the world. Las Vegas, Universal Orlando and Mexico are currently welcoming visitors, and Disney, Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic are scheduled to open soon. Contact us for details.

Also, we wanted you to know that this email — Armchair Explorer — will be changing slightly in the future. And while it will have a fresh look and different content, it will always have information you can trust to plan your next vacation.

Check out our Armchair Explorer by clicking on the link below.

Armchair Explorer

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