Travel Rules for the 21st Century RULE  NO. 1: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

Travel Rules for the 21st Century RULE  NO. 1: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

We all want something for nothing, but that’s fantasy not fact – especially in the travel business. It costs big money to fly and land planes of every size and that cost is passed on to travelers in the form of fuel surcharges, airport improvement fees, ticket prices, airline service fees and – these days – enviro surcharges to counteract emissions and the impact of carbon fuel use etc. Don’t kid yourself…

Even when you do your own booking online, you may be paying a service fee for the privilege of surfing the ‘net for hours, trying to decipher competing airline schedules and finally making the decision based on what you’re able to figure out – not necessarily on what’s the best deal.

At Out’n About, we leave our plumbing to the experts. And we encourage you to leave your travel bookings to us, the travel experts. We have connections, experience and software programs that you don’t.

Don’t leave home without us.


Don’t find yourself lost in the check-up line when your flight’s been oversold and the big airline says, “Oops – sorry. Your seat is no longer available.”

When you book with Out’n About Travel, we’ll use our expertise, connections and software solutions to get you up and flying again quickly and hassle free.

With Out’n About Travel, you’re never on your own, no matter where you are or what happens.


Between service fees, cancelled flights, lost luggage and unexpected change of plans, you really need someone on your side when you’re traveling these days. When you book online, you miss out on personal and professional support that can make the difference between travel success and travel disasters.

With Out’n About Travel, you’re never alone.

We’re always just a phone call, email or text message away. And that means we’re always there to help you manage that missed or oversold flight, that lost credit card or sudden illness that means you need to get home – and fast.

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