Travel Ideas for Young, Single Adults

Travel Ideas for Young, Single Adults

Travel Ideas for Young, Single Adults

There are many advantages to traveling alone. You get to do exactly what you want, eat at the restaurants you want, see the exact sights you want, linger at the museum as long as you want and stay out at the club as late as you want, all without worrying about someone else’s needs. Your vacation is exactly that, yours. Whether the traveler is you, your child or grandchild, here are four safe travel styles for young, single adults that give you every opportunity to do just what you want.

Age-Appropriate Bus Tours

Escorted bus tours, which are popular with senior travelers, are not the only type of bus tours available. In fact, there are several companies, particularly throughout Europe and Australia, which focus solely on youthful globetrotters. These outfits typically allow trekkers to jump on and off whenever the urge arises, providing local hotels to stay at night, so you can spend as much time as you’d like in any destination with all the new friends you’ll surely make.

Safe Couch Surfing

There’s an online, international network of people who are extremely happy to let strangers sleep on their couches. This provides young, single travelers a free place to sleep along with a new friend in a foreign locale who will gladly advise them on how best to experience their destination.

Carefree Cruises

The reasons young singles choose to see the world via a cruise vacation are many: you easily visit multiple countries or Caribbean islands while unpacking just once; every meal is included, and sometimes adult beverages too; activities onboard range from rock-climbing and surfing to Broadway musicals and karaoke; and endless ocean vistas appeal to all travelers. Certain cruise lines attract younger passengers, so please contact our agency to find the one that’s right for you.

Educational Excursions

Some people travel to relax, while others travel to learn. On an education-focused journey, single travelers can learn to speak Chinese, discover all the secrets of French wineries, or study architecture in Barcelona. A variation of this vacation style is voluntouring, which combines travel with an opportunity to volunteer your time doing things such as building houses or teaching English as a second language.

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