Storm the World’s Best Unknown Castles

Storm the World’s Best Unknown Castles

Storm the World’s Best Unknown Castles

When you think of castles, your mind typically thinks of Europe. Yet there is a dazzling array of strongholds throughout the world, each adapting their own geographic influences to amaze visitors far and wide. Here’s a list of storm-worthy castles that King Arthur himself would proudly call home.

Castello di Strassoldo di Sopra – Privately owned for the past thousand years, this castle is located in a quaint medieval village in Northern Italy near the Slovenian border. Open to the public only twice a year (and to royalty for weddings), its splendidly furnished halls offer an unrivalled walk through Italy’s past.

Predjamski Grad – Cleverly named the “Castle in Front of the Cave,” this 16th century structure is integrated into the second largest cave system in Slovenia, making it most unique.

Rhodes Castle – Whether you’re on the island of Rhodes to visit its historic Medieval town or experience its famous shopping scene, a side trip to the Rhodes Castles is a must. Built on a peninsula jutting out into the cerulean blue waters of the Mediterranean, this castle is a photographer’s dream.

Himeji Castle – Built in 1346 to protect its ruler from local shoguns, the castle never experienced battle, thus making it an extremely well-preserved piece of Japanese history. Known as “White Heron Castle” by locals, it incorporated three moats and a dizzying network of paths to dissuade attackers.

Casa Loma – A modern oddity located in Toronto, this castle was once described as a “mixture of 17th century Scotland and 20th Century Fox.” Yet it still draws visitors every day, mostly due to it’s secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel, towers and five-acre estate gardens.

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  • Inside Tale
    Posted at 10:03h, 27 February

    Nice names of Castles, and you have mentioned the iconic castle of Germany in the photo of your post. I haven’t been there but reading the post give me an idea of home much fun it is to travel at the mentioned castles would be.