Seven Things to do on the First Day of Your Cruise

Seven Things to do on the First Day of Your Cruise

Seven Things to do on the First Day of Your Cruise

The first day of your cruise sets the tone for the entire vacation. It provides you with the opportunity to get your cruise floating on the right foot. It’s the transition zone that helps your mind, body and soul turn off their real-world switches in order to go into complete vacation mode. In order to kick off your cruise in the best possible way, be sure to do the following on your embarkation day:

Tour the ship – This is obvious, but still a must. Learn your way around as best you can, especially in relation to your cabin location. And while you’re learning where everything is, go ahead and make reservations at the specialty restaurants and the spa. The best times fill up fast.

Skip the buffet – Because everyone else went straight to the buffet for lunch. Instead, turn to the smaller restaurants around the pool area for a hamburger or slice of pizza.

Hit the pool – Most passengers have to wait for their luggage to arrive to their cabins in order to change into their swimsuits. Instead, bring you swim trunks and sandals onboard in your carry-on bag, and then spend a leisurely afternoon in an uncrowded pool.

Buy your drink package – If you do plan to buy an alcohol package or soda card, do it on day one in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Meet your cabin steward – Introduce yourself and let him or her know if you have any special requests.

Check your cabin – Before you unpack your bags, make sure everything in your cabin is working and clean.

Enjoy the sail-away – From on deck or from your balcony, make sure you watch the mainland disappear into the horizon as your ship set sails. This mental cue helps you fully embrace the true start of your relaxing cruise vacation.

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