How to Save Money on Food while Travelling

How to Save Money on Food while Travelling

How to Save Money on Food while Travelling

Unless you’re traveling on a cruise ship or to an all-inclusive resort, paying for every meal during your vacation can get expensive fast. However, by planning ahead and making some smart choices along the way, you can truly savor your destination without blowing your budget. Here are a few suggestions.

Choose the Right Hotel – Look for a hotel that serves a complimentary breakfast, which you should take full advantage of every morning, and a refrigerator or a kitchenette to store and cook food you buy at the local market. There might be no better way to become introduced to a new culture than to shop at the local grocery store.

Lunch over Dinner – The best time to feast on the local cuisine at an upscale restaurant is at lunch, when you can enjoy most of the same food they serve at dinner at a much lower price.

Picnic – Whether you pick up a baguette and cheese at the corner market or venture for some savory street fare, eating alfresco will certainly save you some dough.

Escape the Main Drag – Many destinations have certain thoroughfares or districts that attract the most tourists. When hunger strikes, get as far away from these as possible, for the restaurant prices will be higher the closer you are to tourist traps.

Just Say No to Room Service – No matter how convenient it is, room service prices are always high. Do your wallet a favor and walk to a nearby store for a late-night snack.

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