New Tips for Travelling During These Economic Times

New Tips for Travelling During These Economic Times

As a savvy traveler, no doubt you’ve heard the news or read the headlines about the airlines cutting back on flights due to industry challenges.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. There may be fewer nonstop flights to many destinations. For holiday travellers, consider leaving a day earlier in case one of your flights is delayed or cancelled for any reason.

2. Ticket prices may be higher on some routes and therefore book early.

3. More planes will be crowded (and possibly overbooked). Be sure to take advantage of the airline’s web check in 24 hours prior to departure. This will ensure you have a confirmed seat.

4. On average, the connection times at airports might be longer. Consider a good book, magazine, your iPod or where you can to purchase a day pass to one of the airport lounges.

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