Looking for travel inspiration


Looking for travel inspiration

Celebrating an Anniversary

July is fast approaching and I need some inspiration. My wife and I are celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary this July and she asked me what I wanted to do. Well the world is our oyster and yes we sell travel so finding a memorable spot shouldn’t be too difficult….right?

I’ve discovered that as I get older I prefer well thought out travel plans. Roughing it or back packing is not my style. I like to picked up at the airport and brought right to my hotel or cruise. I love learning about my destination and so I really like guided tours. Bring on any culinary travel or a little adventure. Oh and don’t forget about the spa or wellness amenities.

Shall it be another river cruise with Avalon or perhaps Viking? Maybe a small ship with Windstar or Ponant? How about Spain or Portugal? Perhaps to Elora Hardy’s Green Village in Bali? What about experiential travel to South America with Explora or an African safari with On the Go Tours or African Travel?

Travel Inspiration

We have amazing travel partners and suppliers to choose from. Here is the link I shared with her. Shall we escape to the jungle?

Dwell is one of my favourite magazines and they just showcased these wonderful #travelinspirations. Yes I want to celebrate with an experience. A trip filled with memories worth more than diamonds.


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