Key Items to Pack that Save You Money

Key Items to Pack that Save You Money

Key Items to Pack that Save You Money

There are travel expenses you expect, such as dinners, attraction tickets and cab fares. But then there are those you don’t expect, and you find yourself looking for the nearest pharmacy or grocery store to buy them. These unexpected expenses tend to inflate our travel budgets, so it’s wise to pack the following items that will surely save you money.

Reusable Carry-On Bottles – While travel-size products seem relatively cheap, they’re not when you compare the price per ounce to their regular-sized counterparts. The money-saving alternative is to purchase 3-ounce reusable travel bottles and fill them with whichever products you need.

Travel Laundry Detergent – One of the most important items to pack in your reusable travel bottles is laundry detergent. Doing laundry at a resort or on a cruise ship can be expensive, so pack some detergent, a stain stick or both to handle those dirty clothes on the go.

Luggage Scale – We add pounds when we travel…pounds to our suitcases, that is. No matter where we go, we always come back with more gifts and more clothes. If these additional items push your suitcase over the weight limit on your return flight, the result is more money you have to shell out, sometimes as much as $200. A simple luggage scale is easy to pack and use to determine if there’s space in your luggage for even more.

Duct Tape – You can’t take a Swiss army knife on a plane, but you can take its just-as-useful cousin, duct tape. This handy adhesive can help you temporarily fix luggage damaged during the flight, so that you don’t have to purchase another bag. It’s also good as a make-shift lint roller, to tape curtains together to keep sun out of your hotel room, to seal over the drain in a hotel sink so that you can wash laundry, and, with a little tissue paper or cotton, even make a makeshift Band-Aid.

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