Five Things to Know Before Shipping Your Luggage

Five Things to Know Before Shipping Your Luggage

Five Things to Know Before Shipping Your Luggage

There are many options when it comes to traveling, a truism travel agents know better than anyone. One such option, to avoid airline baggage fees or to simplify your time at the airport, is to ship your luggage to your destination. Here are five things to consider before employing such a tactic.

1. Shipping your luggage makes the most financial sense when you’re dealing with overweight suitcases and domestic flights. While many airlines now charge for checked bags, the cost is generally less expensive than shipping…unless your luggage is overweight, which airlines charge quite a bit extra to check. Also, shipping overseas is seldom wise, since many air carriers allow you to check one or two free bags on international flights.

2. There are several benefits to shipping your luggage. National shippers like FedEx and UPS have a better success rate than airlines at delivering your bags. Plus, their tracking codes let you know where you valuables are at all times. And shipping saves you time at the airport, since you don’t have to queue up pre-flight to off-load your bags or mull around the baggage carousal after your flight–a true benefit for those travelling with children.

3. There are several disadvantages to shipping too. You have to pack and ship days before you travel, making it difficult to make any last-minute adjustments. Also, you’ll need someone to sign for your package, which is easy if you’re travelling to see family, but not so if you’re flying for business, in which case you might need to request that the shipping company hold your bag until you can pick it up. And finally, it’s wise to purchase insurance when shipping your luggage, which will cost you a few extra bucks.

4. Know your hotel. Call to confirm ahead of time your hotel’s shipping address (which may differ from its street address), whether they accept bags at the front desk and if you will incur a fee for doing so.

5. Sports Equipment – Instead of shipping sports equipment such as skis, it may be cheaper to rent once you arrive. The benefit of renting is that you may end up with better equipment or at least get a chance to try out a different brand or style.

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