Five Inexpensive, but Romantic Vacation Ideas

Five Inexpensive--but Romantic--Vacation Ideas

Five Inexpensive, but Romantic Vacation Ideas

You only need two things to enjoy a romantic holiday: someone to share it with, and time to stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Luckily there are many vacation options you can choose to get both of these necessities without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of our favorites:

Camping – A great idea for two people who love fresh air as much as they love each other, camping is a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life to nurture your love in nature.

Anything with a Kitchen – There are numerous accommodations we can book for you–including a condo, apartment or hotel suite–that have a kitchen. Having easy access to a kitchen means two things: you’ll save money by not eating out so much, and you’ll spend more time alone.

Last-Minute Offers – If your bags are already packed and you have the flexibility to go at a moment’s notice, then talk to us about last-minute offers. Travel agents receive incredible offers from hotels and airlines weekly to fill up their remaining beds and seats.

Go Off-Season – Not only is the beach in the winter or the ski resort in summer cheaper, but they’re also much less crowded, giving you and that special someone more space to enjoy the romantic ocean and scenic mountains.

Don’t Forget a Cruise – Cruises are great for value-conscious romantic travelers. Not only do they offer an incredible value, providing all the food, fun and entertainment in one price, but they also depart from nearby ports such as Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans and San Diego, making expensive air tickets unnecessary.

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