Five Great Reasons to Book with a Travel Agent

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Five Great Reasons to Book with a Travel Agent

Expert Advice

We make our living on knowing the ins and outs of all steps of the process, from initial planning to when and where to go. If you have  questions, we will have answers. There’s nothing worse than taking your vacation and finding that your “online special”  isn’t special at all!

Save Time

In your daily life —  while running from work to the daycare or gym, to the shopping for dinner and then home to catch up with your family and friends —  when do you have time to search, check reviews and book travel?

We can save you time. Leave the booking to the professional hands of your travel agent. We’ll update you along  the way. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to go!

We Work For You

As a travel agent we work for you, not the travel companies.  This is  important. We wouldn’t try to sell you anything you  don’t need for your vacation. You’re the boss when it comes to  booking with your travel agent. We are there to support and guide your travel decisions so you have a better trip!  After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer.


We have the inside scoop on sales and deals in the travel  industry.  If you want to get the best bang for your buck, a travel  agent is your best bet.  Your agent works within your budget and will always be on the lookout for seat sales and other discounts.  Ask us when to book your vacation time from work, to coincide with the best deals on travel. Work your vacation into the low season to  save money!  As agents we have the resources at our finger tips.

Doing the dirty work

Taking  a vacation should be a stress-free adventure!  By booking your travel with a registered travel agent, the fears and worries in the planning stage disappear.  Turning to the experts is the key to enjoying your next trip!

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