Would You Enjoy a Culinary-Themed Vacation?

Would You Enjoy a Culinary-Themed Vacation?

Would You Enjoy a Culinary-Themed Vacation?

Every vacation has its culinary highlights, whether it’s an unforgettable risotto at a five-star restaurant, a perfectly-balanced Sauvignon Blanc you found at a small vineyard or the most delicious crème brulee you’ve ever tasted at an outdoor café. But would you enjoy a vacation that focused more on the epicurean, where your appreciation for food or wine would be enhanced while you explored a small, yet tasty, corner of the world?

There are many culinary-style vacations to choose from nowadays, which may include winery visits, food and wine events, festivals, cooking classes with celebrity chefs and more. These tours are specifically designed so that you experience the unique flavor of a particular geographic region or city in depth, such as a week-long wine tour of Burgundy or an extensive exploration into the flavors of Sicilian cooking.

Culinary travel is not limited to land. Most cruise lines offer wine and food-themed activities, ranging from demonstrations by world-renowned chefs and cooking classes onboard and on shore, to wine and spirit tastings and delightful meals focused on regional cuisine.

Traveling epi-curiously can also be a sweet endeavor, as any chocolate-themed vacation to Switzerland can tell you, where you can ride the Swiss Chocolate Train and visit the Cailler-Nestle factory and tasting room at Broc. In the U.S., travel doesn’t get much sweeter than to the town of Hershey, Pa., or the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory in San Francisco.

Whatever you crave, we can design a travel experience around it. So open up the menu, choose what you most desire and give us a call.

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