The Advantages of Cruising Solo

The Advantages of Cruising Solo

The Advantages of Cruising Solo

Everyone knows that a cruise vacation is an easy way to explore the world while enjoying a wide array of entertainment, activities and dining onboard a ship that seems more like a first-class resort. Yet in the past, single travelers have chosen to stay away from this advantageous form of travel. But now cruising solo is on the rise, and here is why.

Whatever You Want to Do, It’s Doable

Cruise ships are basically giant buffets of fun. Whatever you want to do—from active pursuits such as rock climbing, ice skating and hitting the gym, to educational adventures such as taking a photography class or attending a wine tasting, to relaxing poolside with a stack of paperbacks or getting a massage—you can easily do it onboard a cruise ship.

Finding Friends is a Breeze

It’s easy to enjoy the cruise on your own, if that’s your wish. But when the social bug bites and you want to mix and mingle, you’re in the right spot. Many cruise lines host a reception for singles at the beginning of the cruise, and some of these parties include dance hosts to make sure everyone has a swell time. Also, you’ll have your selection of bars, from piano to karaoke, to rub elbows, raise pints and make friends.

Single Cabins are Trendy

Several new ships, including the massive Norwegian Epic, have cabins designed specifically for solo travelers. These smaller cabins are priced for single occupancy and include everything you need to enjoy your cruise in complete comfort.

Avoiding the Solo Supplement

While the benefits of cruising are easy to see, some travelers are apprehensive of the solo supplement—the extra fee a single traveler is charged for reserving a double-occupancy cabin. Every cruise line has different rates and rules, so talk to us and we’ll find the best one for you with the lowest supplement. Also, travel agents are the first ones to know when a cruise line offers special sales that decrease or eliminate the solo supplement.

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