5 Can’t Miss Wineries in New Zealand

5 Can't Miss Wineries in New Zealand

5 Can’t Miss Wineries in New Zealand

Wineries, in general, are gorgeous. Typically set on rolling hills in fertile valleys, they offer an ideal locale to relax, breathe in the grape-sweetened air and sample a wide range of varietals and blends—an experience that has been perfected in New Zealand.

From Marlborough to Hawke’s Bay, North Island to South, the country boasts a plentitude of some of the most awe-inspiring wineries in the world. An entire vacation can be spent on visiting only their wineries (and we’d love to set that up for you!). But if you only have time to visit a few, here are the top five to see.

Herzog – Pinot grigio, pinot noir and montepulciano are highlights at this organic winery, which also produces “The Spirit of Marlborough,” a merlot-cabernet blend that teaches your tastes buds a lot about the region in every sip. The food at the adjoining restaurant—one of the country’s best—gives the wines a run for their money.

Hunter’s Wines – After admiring the sculpture garden and the latest works by the artist-in-residence, you will most definitely enjoy their oak-aged sauvignon blanc (called a fume blanc) and the mirumiru, which is the Maori word for bubbles.

Mission Estate Winery – Surrounded by magnificent gardens, this classic winery is the country’s oldest, dating back to 1851. Your tour will include an enlightening history of the place, along with an unforgettable visit to the underground cellars.

Millton Vineyard – Inspired by the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner, the grapes here are grown organically and biodynamically, linking them more intimately to the terroir (the land’s individual characteristics).

Pegasus Bay – The food and wine are so exceptional here, helicopters are needed to shuttle in the constant flow of out-of-town connoisseurs. Whether you’re dining in the garden or in the natural auditorium by the small man-made lake, you will thoroughly enjoy their award-winning rieslings and chardonnay.

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