4 Ways to Make Your Flight in Coach More Comfortable

4 Ways to Make Your Flight in Coach More Comfortable

4 Ways to Make Your Flight in Coach More Comfortable

A great holiday is one that’s perfect from start to end. That involves the flight, yet some people believe it’s impossible to fly comfortably in coach. Whether you’re starting your holiday or heading home after a dazzling week in Hawaii, here are some simple steps to make the most of your seat in coach.

Choose the Biggest Small Seats – Fact #1: coach seats are small. Fact #2: not all coach seats are the same size. When available, we will gladly seat you in a bulkhead row that, while decreasing foot room, will give you more leg and knee space—a fair trade off for those seeking more comfort.

Fly at Night – We all try to sleep on long flights, but for some, success is seldom achieved. However, on a night flight, you’re flying at your body’s natural sleep time, increasing the chances of falling fast asleep and arriving at your destination more refreshed and ready to launch into your holiday.

Board Early – Boarding the plane early means you have more time to settle in and a better chance at storing carry-ons nearby. Many credit cards issued in conjunction wtih airline loyalty programs offer priority boarding to cardholders.

Pack Your Carry On Bag Wisely – The most important way to be comfortable is to have everything you need within easy reach. Those items, on a long, comfortable flight, will include a quality neck pillow, eye mask, personal music device loaded with low-tempo or ambient music, and your book or e-reader.

Think Before You Eat – No one is comfortable when they’re flying with too little or too much food in their system. Check ahead to see if there’s a meal on your flight. If not, pack a small, healthy meal to eat whenever you need. If there is a served meal, think about choosing the vegetarian option, which oftentimes is prepared more recently than the standard dinner.

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