The 4 Most Affordable European Cities

Most Affordable European Cities

The 4 Most Affordable European Cities

You have a multi-country Rail Europe pass and limited funds, so what do you do? Easy, you target the following cities, which give you more cultural bang for the Euro.

Krakow, Poland – Compact and historic, Krakow boasts all of the castles, palaces and cathedrals that define classic Europe without the high prices. The destination is extremely tourist-friendly, offering an abundance of affordable hotels and hostels, and pints of fine beer for under a buck.

Budapest, Hungary – Visually striking, a budget-conscious traveler will instantly notice that everything in Budapest feels like a bargain compared to the rest of the continent. And since the town’s many spas are tied to hot-water springs, you’ll find many affordable ways to relax.

Lisbon, Portugal – Much more affordable than neighboring attractions like Madrid and Barcelona, Lisbon is a gorgeous, hilly port city reminiscent of San Francisco. Its high-quality hostels are incredibly reasonable, as are the town’s restaurant and nightlife options.

Berlin, Germany – Thanks to thousands of communist-era buildings that are now moderately priced hotels and artsy boutiques, the former East Berlin gives travelers the flexibility to spend more time in this cultural capital for less.

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